Flower Power!

Good Morning my lovelies! Spring has definitely sprung at WDS HQ, everything is coming up crocuses!image

The only flower that has not flourished is our winter pansies and that’s a shame because I love them, look at this beauty,


In this situation there is only one thing to do, make one! Here’s my scribbles,


If you want to make one, you will need some paper for your pattern, felt for the petals and leaves, embroidery thread in either toning or clashing colours, and beads (optional ).

First I drew a fat figure 8 to make one set of petals,


Cut this out and draw around it twice to make two sets of petals


Cut these out and place one on top of the other at right angles so that you can see 4 petals,

Starting in the middle, with one of your embroidery silks and using two strands, make long and short stitches to give the pansy its face,


Then take your second colour and make the same stitches in a row around the first,



The next step is to decide whether you will embroider the centre, I suggest a yellow toned silk in a french knot or beads, because I wanted a more vintage look I put a faux pearl in the centre, I also drew a larger figure 8 for a set of leaves,



And what to do with it now? You could stick a flat brooch back to it, you could use it as a card topper, I used a slightly different flower to make this wreath,



I put crystals in the centre of these flowers and tucked ribbon loops in between, a nice make for Mother’s Day! All felt and ribbons come from Felted Fancies Supplies, they don’t sponsor me i just love Katie and her lovely themed boxes and the fact that she sends you a packet of fizzers!

Have a great week and watch out for next weeks post which will feature my trip to what I’m told is London’s best haberdashers- Kleins of Soho!





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  1. fantastic post , making a tea cosy , will now make felt pansy’s to put on it, instead of the crochet ones I made..Lindsey xx

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