Stop Press: Karen And Bunting Announce Surprise Reunion!

I like bunting, I really do but I think like some Hollywood stars it has suffered from over exposure. I like bunting when it is quirky or made of fabulous material where the pattern takes pride of place.

I was having a browse through this book…


and found this beautiful embellished bunting


Eline Pellinkhof has a very muted palette, but I used her idea for some bunting for my kitchen. Do you want to make some? Follow me!

First some fabric, maybe some odd size pieces that you can’t find a use for, and a bunting template, give it a Google and loads will appear! The one I used has a handy fold over top. You will also need some ribbon to ย string it all together. Of course, as its going in the kitchen it had to have some french patisserie themed fabric.


I used some lace paper, mine is from the absolutely brilliant, if you scrapbook, make cards or any paper based craft, you must check them out.


I also had some crochet flowers destined for another project, here’s Darcey helping me make them…


After cutting your bunting shapes work out what your order will be..


Then get gluing! I could have sewn a hem around the triangles but I was feeling lazy, and managed to glue it all together in 15 minutes! Perfect for last minute bunting emergencies, and here it is!


Get involved in the debate that is more important than the election, are you a bunting fan or not?



P.S great excitement at WDS HQ, we are off to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V and A at the weekend! If I can get some photos it will be on next Wednesdays post xxxx






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  1. I have the very same book, there are some beautiful ideas in there, it was this book that finally gave me the nerve to try cross stitch

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