10 Things I Can’t Live Without!

Sometimes products or objects come into your life and you really struggle to imagine what life was like before them! Here are my 10 must haves at the moment, this list is ever changing as new products come out, but these are really special. So in no particular order:

1. Pilot frixxion pens…


These clever little pens write like normal ball pens but you can rub them out with their built in eraser- so far so normal but if you ever work with pattern pieces that need drawing onto fabric, this is where the imagic happens! Gently heat with a hairdryer and all pen marks disappear!! I found mine in WHSmith.Thanks to the super talented Sew Sweet for the tip and now this life changing info is yours!

2. Micellar water..


It has taken me until 50 to realise that cleanser does not necessarily mean make up remover! This fabulous water by Garnier  does the lot and soothes at the same time, absolute must have, available at Boots approx,4.99.

3. Repix photo editing app…..


This is photo editing for dummies I.e me! the ability to adjust all the properties of a photo with a slider is genius and produces great results. Available in the Apple app store.

4. Make Up


i need great quality make up as my skin and eyes are so sensitive, I only use Charlotte Tilbury and this great palette by Toofaced recommended to me by Itsmisstazmin.   These are all great products which need little skill or time to apply, perfect! Charlotte Tilbury from £19 and Toofaced palette approx £40 from various retailers.

5. Derwent Inktense pencils…


These are water soluble but are beautifully vivid whether they have been diluted or not. approx £40 from large art stores.

6. Lush Kerbside Violet perfume


This is a new one for me and it is gorgeous, exactly as it says it is a sweet Violet perfume but with a faint hint of city smoke. £9 from Lush stores and online.

7. Australian bush Flower essences..


These amazing sprays smell delicious but also provide instant calming relief. Approx £14 from health food shops and Amazon

8. My iPad! ( there are other tablets available)


My entire life is run from here! It’s a mini iPad so it is light and the touch

screen is great for my painful joints, the camera is phenomenal and I write and edit my blog almost entirely from here. Approx £300 from various retailers.

9, Buddhify app.


This is is also a new one for me, but it is great! There are meditations for every situation and they are very affirming, the stress one ends with the voice over telling you ” you are more brilliant than you think” who doesn’t need that every now and again! From the app store.

10. My ice cream bracelet


This amazing little charm was bought for me by my husband and I think it’s perfect, I wear it when I have to do something difficult as it reminds me, quite literally that life is sweet! charm £50 form Swarovski

Do do you have any special things that you can’t live without? Let me know- I might need it!



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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

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  1. just had to buy the pens and make up remover. My can not live without is max factor lash effect mascara, and l oreal infallible 24h stay fresh foundation,also origins cream eye . shadow gin zing Lindsey xx

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