One Wedding And A Cardie!

So there it is, the invite is on the doormat and the joyful occasion of your friends nuptials is on its way. Inevitably that means the purchase of a new outfit, at this point it is worth mentioning I am generously proportioned so the danger of a dress making me look like a sofa are dangerously high! Here is how my wedding outfit came together

i tend to do most of my shopping on the net as most of the curvy retailers are to be found here. I usually shop the Curve range at or at On this occasion I couldn’t find anything there so I headed to a relatively new player:- Violetta at Mango, and turned up this little beauty…..


It was super flattering and perfect for the forecast 22 degrees…more of that later! Now I had to source some accessories, my gut instinct with these is to go very coordinated but I am trying to be a bit more adventurous, I found this gorgeous bag in the Next sale…..


The pale pink and gold really seemed to work, so now I needed similar shoes. These are a problem for me because of my arthritis, I normally live in trainers or FitFlops but that just wasn’t going to do! This is when Clarks came to the rescue! They have lots of cushion soled shoes and sandals and these fit the bill and will do me for the rest of the summer….


Then we move to accessories, I needed some simple gold pieces and found a necklace from Accessorize and a ring that I had that was on offer from…….


That just leaves the face, I wanted a soft pink, kind of vintage feel and Bourjois came up trumps with this palette, called Rose Vintage! I stuck with them for lips and this Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, which is actually quite pink! I used my usual foundation – Bare Minerals Bare Skin and waterproof mascara (obvs!) again from Bourjois……..


As for scent, I didn’t bother! Has she finally lost it? I hear you cry, no, I was wearing some perfumed body butter from Perfectly Handmade another brilliant business run on Facebook by the lovely Amanda. The Cinq products she makes smell very much like another perfume with 5 in the name! Check her out at

Finally the weather it turns out that it was approximately 13 degrees on the day and my neighbour had to rescue me with a lovely pale gold cardie! It was a lovely day despite the weather and lovely to see an old friend so happy.

Have you got any weddings this year? I would love to see your outfits if you do!


Karen xx

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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit..although I did think for a second you were going to ask if the dress was blue or white! Good call on the coordinating with pink, it all goes together beautifully xx

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