..And They Call It Puppy Love!

I am sure you know that the managing director of my company is this little diva….


Darcey! We have nearly had her two years and we are just starting the process of getting her a little puppy friend! On our walk yesterday, like most days I had lots of people comment on how sociable she is, how pretty etc, etc… I thought it might be useful to share how we decided on her and most importantly her breeder.

Lets get one thing clear from the start puppies are cute…….


But you mustn’t let this cloud your judgement! You first need to make a decision on breed, and how that breed will fit into your life:-

What are its exercise requirements?

Does it need clipping?

Do you need a dog that doesn’t shed very much?

Do you have children?

Most importantly, what health problems affect that breed?

In our case we needed a minimal shedder, so that directed us to look at poodle crosses, (don’t make the mistake of thinking they are hypoallergenic as crosses can come out more silky than curly and drop more hair) we wanted a small dog, with moderate exercise requirements and had to be good with children so we decided on a Cavapoo..


This is a good time to mention health issues, Cavaliers suffer with some serious health conditions that have largely been brought about by breeding to a standard that looks very unlike the original Cavaliers. We did our research and found the most amazing breeder, Jane from Poundlane Puppies…..


This this is her with L-R Darceys dad, mum and sister, Jane is on a quest to restore Cavaliers to how they used to look and to lessen the impact of the congenital defects they are prone to. So inform yourself of the potential health problems your chosen breed may have and make sure your breeder tests for them.

So you have done your research have picked the perfect breed, what’s next? Wait! It is likely that you will have to join a list to get your perfect puppy, we waited nearly a year for this…..


Finally, buy a copy of this……….


I cannot recommend this book enough, it has a toilet training schedule, games to play, training command and a socialisation plan.

I hope this has been useful, I would love to hear about your dogs or any other pets!



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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

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