Red Hot and Fuschia?

I am tired, not just today but always, I suffer from three different conditions that all have fatigue as a symptom, add in medication side effects, exhausted is a polite way to describe me! After reading lots of articles telling me that a red lipstick was the way to lift a tired complexion I convinced myself that the one thing I needed more than anything was a kick ass red lipstick!

Oh, dear reader how simple life would be if you could bowl into a shop and just buy a red lipstick! But it isn’t, it’s a 24 carat nightmare! Here is my painful story……

I started with what I thought would be a foolproof buy, Charlotte Tilbury in Love Bite…..


Wow it was red! And totally overwhelmed my face, it was the tomato red that an  online test ( yes really) assured me was the one but no that wasn’t it, undeterred I then bought three mini lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury  that included the suits all red ” So Marilyn”……….


A beautiful colour but again just way too much.

Off to the high street this time and the Loreal Collection Exclusive “Blakes red” …………..


Imagine my horror that this didn’t look red, but more pink, hang on though, this actually looked better.

So, it looks like red wasn’t me but Fuschia definitely was, dear reader I give you Charlotte Tilbury’s Velvet Underground…….image

Hooray!! Face lifting, brightening and not too in your face. This one came courtesy of an early birthday present from my mum and dad but should you want your own head to

All the pictures are unfiltered to hopefully show you the true colour.

Next week is my birthday and I am celebrating with  another up cycling project hopefully!



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8 thoughts on “Red Hot and Fuschia?”

  1. You’re braver than me Karen! I have tried loads of red lipsticks and they all look terrible on me! On the rare occasion I wear lippy nowadays, I just stick with a simple nude…though even that is a nightmare! Nude with a pink undertone? Nude with a blue undertone? Beige nude? I wish they would just make a one colour suits everyone lipstick!!

  2. I’m liking the hot pink look! I’ve never been able to wear red and have yet to find my kick ass face lifter…I also tend to go for nudes and pale pinks!
    I think there is a red out there for most people, but it’s all to do with skin tones and understanding whether it’s a blue red (and such nonsense). I can highly recommend Lisa Eldridge, google her website, she is a make up artist to top models and celebs, she also has a ton of ‘how to’ videos covering topics such as ‘which red?’ …..once you start watching her videos, you’ll be hooked, so set aside a couple of hours and settle down with a cuppa xxx

    1. I will do that! I’ve never been able to decide what skin tone I am, so I have fallen at the first fence really… Still, it’s a good excuse for lots of shopping and playing with make up xx

  3. love the lipsticks, I am stuck in the 1960s , with the no lipstick look, gradually warming to a lip gloss.

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