From Naff To Nifty!

Lets be quite clear from the outset, I flipping love Christmas!!! I also love a Christmas jumper. My darling daughter however has declared the Christmas jumper passé. This left this little beauty homeless …

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If I was the same size I would be happy as Larry but alas that is not the case, so who else might this fit, step forward Miss Darcey……

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So with a few cuts and a bit of Velcro could we make a dog coat that would at least make it through the big day? Let’s give it a go!

First cut off the sleeves, Darcey is a bit of a Tom boy so I chopped them off quite short…….

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I haven’t done any hemming as I only want this to be worn a couple of times, sew a little hem of you want this to last until New Year!

Then cut down the centre………

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Its at this this point you need to try it on your dog to see how it fits round the middle, I needed to chop out more on either side so that it fits snugly.

Next, use some iron on Velcro for an easy and stress free fastening….

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Position on both sides matching up your fluffy side with your spikes side……..

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And there you go…..

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Miss Darcey looking suitably festive!

Remember if your dog is very tiny or very large, raid the charity shops for suitable jumpers. If you have a jumper that you like but it is way too big, try washing it at a hotter temperature than stated, this will usually shrink it!



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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

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  1. Darcey, you look fab! George at ASDA has some great value Christmas jumpers at the moment. I’ve just bought two for the children to wear this year and then can cut them down for the dog when they’re outgrown. Or maybe use both to make a Christmas dog bed – she loves to curl up on something soft!

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