Scrub, Polish And Sparkle!

IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! and with it the need to look a little glamerer (its a word) than normal. There’s parties and gatherings and family meals, and its nice to look and feel a bit special when everything else is so sparkly.

So I have three products to help you sparkle and shine through the festivities. First up, a new brand to the UK Frank Body, I bought their nearly miraculous scrub…….

Made with Repix (

It ‘aint pretty, its major ingredient is coffee grounds, and it makes the bathroom look and smell like a messy branch of Costa, it also ‘aint cheap at £12.95 a pack but oh my days its good! it firms, softens and tones, and blurs the appearance of stretch marks! they also have a complete range of skincare which I will definitely be investigating. Pop over to

Next, our polish is provided by a powered facial brush, mine is a Magnitone, but there are millions on the market, Now, I have come late to this new invention and am probably preaching to the converted but the difference this gadget makes to your skin is amazing! my very dry, very sensitive skin has been transformed and I need about half the moisturiser I normally use. My brush came for the luxury discount site

Made with Repix (

Finally, the sparkle is provided by this amazing collaberation between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani……

Made with Repix (

This actually belongs to my daughter but she has kindly lent it and swatched it for you……..

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

These shadows are the softest, most pigmented, most bendable shadows I have come across. Not cheap at £40 but how about a late addition to the Christmas list? Just a word on the swatches, daughter has vampire like- I mean very pale skin so bear that in mind when deciding if its for you. Have you decided that you can’t live with out it? its out of stock at a lot of retailers, but at time of going to press it was available at and

The next time we see each other it will be Boxing Day! don’t expect much sense from me as I will be heading off to the family homestead for a pot luck feast with the reli’s, so let me wish you the most peaceful, joy filled Christmas possible, now go out and shine like the little stars you are!!

Kisses Under The Mistletoe

Karen xxxxxx

PS and a Christmas lick from our CEO and VP, Darcey and Milo



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5 thoughts on “Scrub, Polish And Sparkle!”

  1. Right, I need to know more about that brush Karen, does it just scuff off old skin and make it smoother…I probably need that in my life!
    Also….do you reckon Nescafe would do the same job as the body scrub? Bit short on pennies at the moment but need that in my life too….obvs!
    As for the UD makeup, love that brand and use my ‘Naked’ pallete most days!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Karen, enjoy the glitter and sparkles xxx

    1. Hi honey, the brush takes off dead cells and deep cleans, me and Carys share it as you can buy different heads according to skin type, so with three girls in your house it becomes economic! As for the scrub I reckon you could do a good job with some filter coffee, olive oil and some salt, maybe I’ll try that too! As for UD perfection, simple as! Have a fab Christmas, love to all xxxx

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