It’s A Small World!

Bonjour my darlings, are you on Pinterest? I absolutely love to see what the world is up to craft wise and my latest obsession are these mini worlds in a teacup, look……….


This set the old creative clogs whirring and with Mothers Day in the UK fast approaching, I thought I would have a crack at this idea with a twist that it had to be pincushion for my sewing goddess of a mum. I also documented the process so that if you feel the urge you can make one too!

So, you are going to need…….

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a teacup or sugar bowl,some green felt and some embroidery thread.

First, I cut a circle of felt much bigger than my bowl, I used a side plate………

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I ran a gathering stitch round the edge to make it into a puff shape, I pulled it until it sat nicely in my sugar bowl.

Then I embroidered a garden path and  a pond……….

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The path I did in satin stitch, the flowers are french knots and the pond was chain stitch to try and make the surface look like it was moving.

Next you need to stuff your garden………

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Play around with the stuffing so that it curves nicely out of your cup like a little hill.

At this point I got a little ahead of myself and decided to needle felt a little toadstool house, me and needle felting don’t exactly get along so I suggest if you want to do this have a look at YouTube or online tutorial, if you are still feeling brave you are going to need these supplies…..

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So off I went……..

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I made a little top, and then …my needle broke! I zoomed off to the craft store and bought completely the wrong tool, so the base of my toadstool involved much snipping and reshaping with scissors, more of this later!

Now for the assembly, paint some PVA glue inside your cup and sit your garden inside, glue your toadstool onto the garden (mine was not felted enough to glue successfully so its pinned!)

Et voila!..

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Made with Repix (

I ordered some flower headed pins from Ebay and “planted” them in the garden.

I am really happy with the result as this was something where the design went straight from head to hand, hope some of you give it a go and I would love to see the results!

Have a great week



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  1. what can say it is so beautiful , much to lovely to use, so have it on display in my craft come dining room one very lucky mum xxxxxxxx

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