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First let me warn you that this weeks post is unashamedly serious, political and features no pretty photos and an occasional swear word, I just couldn’t bring myself to write my normal post so if that’s not for you there’s no hard feelings, I’ll see you next week x

I have cried twice this week, first last Saturday when I watched the news and they told us that Sport Relief had raised in excess of £55 million, cash strapped Britain had reached into its pockets and supported schemes here and world wide, donations were made by every religion and will be given to every religion.Then, on Tuesday I cried again, Brussels was attacked twice during rush hour and yet again innocent people were killed and injured in the name of a warped vision of religion.

Once again everyone was changing their profile picture to include the Belgian flag, artists more talented than me have done beautiful artwork depicting crying flags and even TinTin wept…… But the image that made the biggest impact on me and felt the most “right” was posted by a friend it read ” Je Suis Sick Of This Shit”, I’m sure that is the feeling of a lot of us, we are tired, scared and angry at the sickening regularity of these events.

So, what are we to do? As I write this the BBC are showing a group of Belgians holding hands, all ethnicities and presumably a fair few religions all standing in solidarity……..which is great and I would be there myself, but what happens next week, next month, next year? Could we all try and show that solidarity every day? Smile at everyone, even if the person is a different colour or wearing a veil? Could we look more tolerantly at the refugees that are coming to Europe, make them feel like this is their home? Can we find a way to make all young people feel like they can succeed in our society and resist radicalisation?

I know where I could have started, on Sunday I was driving to my mum and dads, and outside a shop there was a group of middle aged Asian men staffing a stall that said this ” Love for all, hate for none” they had leaflets and I guess they were showing the loving side of Islam, I now wished I had stopped and engaged them in conversation and thanked them for their efforts.

My fear now is that people will vote out of the European Union because of this kind of act, the sad fact is it won’t help, these kind of attacks are almost inevitable and are part of our lives for the time being. It’s not for me to tell you how to vote in the referendum but please don’t let this cloud your judgement.

I am not a religious person but I have an undying faith in the power of humans. A few days ago I heard a great explanation of my kind of faith, ” I believe there is a tiny bit of God or whatever you want to call them in all the good people and that this is how goodness exists”.

So let’s show solidarity and carry that little piece of goodness into a new week, and to everyone touched by the events in Belgium, I send you my love.







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