Hair For Every Princess!

Morning all! I have been a busy bee this week helping out the most wonderful charity,Cancer Hair Care provides a range of uplifting services for adults and children undergoing cancer treatment. The charity was started by a hairdresser- Jasmin Julia Gupta who felt that the trauma of hair loss was something that she could help with. Her charity provides wigs, customised hats for children and teenagers, image counselling, even school uniform designs. Their latest project is customising the soft caps the children wear with yarn wigs…..

Made with Repix (

I thought that a soft band would be a good idea as I  didn’t want to use any fastenings that would irritate. So, if you are having a band you might as well have a crown, am I right?

The yarn choice was going to be so important, I thought cotton would be best, hospitals are so hot usually and side effects can make you hotter still, so this machine washable cotton in …ahem…chilly colours looked perfect….

Made with Repix ( made a band with two rows of double crochet, a row of trebles and finished with another row of double crochet, the tiara effect was achieved with three repeats of the aptly named crown picot stitch…..

Made with Repix (

You will see a lot of freezer bags as we go on as I have to keep the work as clean as possible to protect the vulnerable wearers.

Now I needed a lot of hair, so I cut a lot of lengths, that once attached would make two princess plaits……

Made with Repix (

Once the hair was attached and plaited, it looked like this (with a clean pillowcase for protection)……….

Made with Repix (

I will be posting it off this week, I’m hoping that I can include some Frozen bobbles but will check with the charity first and then I will turn my attention to the second hat and see what other royal hair do’s I can think of!

It could have been quite a sad project to work on but it really has given me a lift, the thought that this might make a poorly poppet smile has really helped me get my own health problems in perspective. It also has helped me live up to my promise of carrying a bit of goodness in my heart.

If you have any tips or ideas for this project please get in touch or if you fancy having a go yourself pop over to their website






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