To Hack Or Not To Hack ?

Hello my darlings! well I’m off the steroids and will be starting my medication this Friday so we are nearly returned to normal service! In the past when I have been this ill I would be in front of the telly and not moving, but thats not how we roll anymore, so I’ve spent this week doing some up cycling with clever little hacks (all gathered from my VAST collection of crafting magazines).

I have had a total thing for these parkas for some time….


Believe it or not the originals retail for £3,500! I knew I didn’t want fur lining, trust me that this body needs no more padding 😉 but I did really like the coloured fur on the hood, so I dug out an issue of Simply Crochet and unpicked the original fur, which was handily on a zip…..

I then followed that pattern using King Cole Luxe Fur………

Made with Repix (

And reinserted the folded over fur into the zip, read to the end of this post for the big reveal!

Of course you then start looking through other back issues and there was a lovely quick fix for a denim jacket, I first dyed my acid wash jacket a powder pink…

Made with Repix (

This turned it a lovely mix of pink and pale blue, then for the little bit of glitz……

Made with Repix (

Then it got sewn to the back and….you have to wait until the end!

I was really ready to upcycle anything that didn’t move by this point! I started to think that my plain black satin bomber jacket could do with something glittery, I popped online to and bought these……….

Made with Repix (

But I didn’t… they were a little too sparkly and actually too small.

So who’s ready for the big reveal? how this for arty styling….

Made with Repix (
Made with Repix (

So a week on steroids certainly saw me get some stuff done including these…….

Made with Repix (

Possibly the worlds most impractical baby socks ever but damn! they are cute.

These last few months have been a little tricky in terms of getting stuff done and it prompted some thought of what we can achieve at WDS HQ, let me just give you something to think about- I’ve bought a book on handbag design……….

Have a luscious week






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