Cry Freedom!

Oooh baby am I excited! on one of my 5 trillion visits to medical facilities recently I read about the launch of a new make up range from a company called Freedom. This company want to make professional quality make up available to everyone, this means the price point is ridiculously cheap. This really was my invitation to go over to their website and get crazy! heres what I bought……


I bought this collection of 5 lippies for the princely sum of £5! the colours are lovely, quite sheer but still packing a colour punch. I have super dry lips and found them very moisturising.

Next, an eyeshadow kit……

Made with Repix (

This is the Proshade and Brighten Mattes Kit 1 and it is £2.50, yes you heard me correctly! the colours are soft texture and have a good density of pigment. I just could not get any light for a swatch picture, check out my finished face at the end.

I was getting properly carried away by now and bought a mascara and an eye primer…….

Made with Repix (

The mascara was the pro volume version and did manage to give my lashes some length and volume which with my sparse lashes was a miracle !it was £2.00 and it has stayed all day something more expensive mascaras have failed to do. The primer was fab! it evened out my lids perfectly and kept my eyeshadow where it was meant to be and for £2.50!

Finally I bought a Glamdoll palette in Vintage Doll……

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

This has everything you could possibly need in a slim palette and they are currently reduced to£6.00!

Heres me wearing the nude eye palette and lipstick from the Bares collection….

Made with Repix (

So, my verdict is that these are ridiculously cheap products that deliver a quality finish, and most importantly my hyper sensitive skin did not react at all. Head over to and see what takes your fancy!







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