That my darlings is the sound of your dear writer deleting this weeks post by accident!!!! This week has been the worst of times and the best of times , Monday I was told that I will have to be off medication for a couple of months and then Wednesday I gave a customer a portrait of her lovely, dearly departed horse and the look on her face made all the pain go away.

But truth be told my fingers, without the benefit of medication will not be able to redo this weeks post, so tune in next SUNDAY for a bumper post detailing the cooking, decorating and fashion that will go into my mums 70th! In the meantime enjoy this picture, Sophie’s gorgeous girl Nutmeg…….

And take the rest of the day off I’m going to!


Karen xxxx

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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

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  1. Oh dear, this sounds just like the kind of thing I would do! Loving the horse portrait, it more than makes up for the lack of words x

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