Gardening? I Should Coco!

Morning pumpkins! Do you love gardening? I really don’t, it leaves me a bit…meh, I can’t get enthusiastic about growing my own vegetables ( although I do intend to grow some salad items next year), but I do love flowers so I have been giving some thought to what kind of flowers I would like. Of course what I should be doing is looking at the practicality of various varieties, their drought resistance etc, etc but where’s the fun in that? Let’s look at colour! My favourite colours in the entire world are 3 colours associated with the design house of Chanel, here they are……..

So once I had those three colours I headed over to and picked out some plants within those groups, first up the Rouge Noir flowers…..

This is wallflower ” purple shades”.

This is Lillium “Black Beauty”.

This is Tulipa ” black parrot”

The beige shade was tricky but I found these gorgeous creams and ivories ……..

What better way to start the year than with crocosmia ” albus”?

This is Azelea Rhodedendron “daviesii”.

This is Jasmine “Devon cream”

I need just one plant in the white category…….

Perfectly Chanel in every way is the Camellia Japonica “perfection white”

To further satisfy my need for beige I will be planting in beige pots……

These ones are from IKEA .

I’m really excited to get going and will be heading to to do my plant shopping. 

Do you love gardening? I’d love to see some pictures!

Have a fantastic week


Karen xx

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