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Morning Cupcakes! Do you remember my wish board? So far I’ve only managed to fulfil one of them by piercing my ear again. The thing is a lot of the other wishes hinged on me getting different medication, and losing a butt load of weight! 

Well for one reason and another the medication isn’t happening , but the weight is s..l..o..w..l..y coming off, am I dieting? Nope, after what I calculated as 45 years of dieting ( unbelievable right?) and probably a couple of decent cars worth of money I have resolved not to diet again.

So what to do now? Go Vegan of course, not because it’s really fashionable, not because I’m going to never eat meat again on moral grounds but because there is a large body of evidence that shows it is very effective in calming the pain of arthritis. So what does a day of vegan eating look like? Pull up a chair and join me, starting with breakfast……

My absolute favourite thing – a chocolate mint smoothie from the Deliciously Ella website, thick, sweet and chock full of goodness thanks to half an avocado, banana, dates , almond milk and raw cacao.

Feeling peckish? In need of elevenses?

These energy balls again from Deliciously Ella are amazing, nutty and sweet guarenteed to give you a pick me up.

Is there room for lunch?

This scrummy vegan sausage tart is perfect comfort food, it’s not normally on such pretty China but I knew you were popping in! Find lots of great recipes like this at

Finally dinner!

This is a staple for me at the moment, Tivali vegan “chicken strips” veggies and soba noodles, add a soy based sauce and it’s ready in minutes.

Not exactly rabbit food is it? Equally as delicious as a “normal” diet and sometimes better, in my humble opinion vegan cake is better than its conventional counter part. Run, walk, wheel or in reality get on Amazon and buy this book……

The cakes are phenomenal and also can be made gluten free! 

Not everybody will be persuaded by the arguments for a vegan diet, and that’s fine ( I will still eat meat occasionally) but have a look at the recipes out there and give one a whirl, you might just be surprised.

Have a super week!



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