It’s All Kicking Off!

Morning loves! It’s probably no surprise to you that I belong to a lot of Facebook groups, everything from networking to Slimming World support. 

It’s on the Slimming World page that things got a bit weird this week, a lady had posted late at night about her drunken daughter coming home late and throwing up everywhere which had set her anxiety off. Mostly everyone had been very supportive and had told tales of their own in order to make her feel like she wasn’t alone.

However this was where it got a bit messy, some people started to question why she was posting this on a page devoted to diets, why did she feel the need to share and worst of all that she was attention seeking. Having been that anxious myself I felt terribly sorry for her and that reaching out had caused her to get a negative reaction really upset me.

This set me to thinking about my own anxiety, it’s well documented on this blog how I had therapy, took medication and eventually got back on my feet. But what about the day to day stuff? Because it never goes away and you need strategies for that daily stuff. Here are mine:


  when I was really ill I couldn’t get to the bin which is a mere 10 feet from the house. I started walking down the drive at first and then to the post box , eventually to the entrance of our woods. Finally when Darcey arrived into the woods themselves.

Meditate/ be mindful………

There are many apps out there to help you with this one, I use At Ease and Buddhify, if that doesn’t appeal try and focus on yourself, treat yourself like you would a friend that was feeling like this, use kind language when you talk to yourself.

Avoid stimulants………

This is definitely for when you are very anxious, no caffeine, no sugar it’s that simple I’m afraid. Your body needs no more stimulation than what it’s already getting from your over anxious brain. 


These two handle this for me nowadays and I’m very privileged to have this wood so close, but I started out on an exercise bike. Exercise is a no brainer, you have to burn off all that adrenaline that’s whizzing round.

On the spot strategies…………

I also do this one – count backwards from 300 in groups of 3, I guarentee you won’t be able to think of Anything else when you do this!

Finally, talk, I talked to everyone about my anxiety and every time I did, the person I was talking to would have an anxiety story to tell, their own or a family members.

And if by any chance someone talks to you about their anxiety please try to listen without judgement, I guarentee you it has taken an awful lot of courage for them to speak, even if they are on the “wrong” Facebook page.


Karen xxx

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I paint pictures and commissioned pet portraits, the rest of the time I make pretty things out of felt and walk in the woods with Darcey and Milo ( my dogs).

4 thoughts on “It’s All Kicking Off!”

  1. Hi Karen. Such a beautiful lady – inside and out…… I can relate to you in so many ways and also suffered terribly from anxiety and was unable to physically leave my house for about a year. It takes an awful lot of courage to overcome anxiety as well as strength and determination of spirit and maybe your experiences have helped shape you into the compassionate and caring soul that you are now. Much love and light to you – x

    1. Awww you will make me cry! If I have become a better person it’s in no small part because of the love and support that people like you give me. I always wanted this blog to be a place where we could look at sparkly things together but also talk about the things that matter, thank you so much for your comment.

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