Coming To A Mailbox Near You!!

Good Morning! its Me! in the middle of the month! who’s excited? I think you know I am!

Lets start with some good news! I have upgraded the blog so that soon you will be able to order and pay me on here! I will be clumping products into simple categories, for example CE tested (child safe) toys like these ……


Will be one category with a flat rate price of £8 and then I will put them into postage bands – Uk, Europe and the rest of the world. As a guide shipping will be about £5 from anywhere in this lovely world. Thats right we are shipping everywhere!!!

It also allows me to place videos! so expect see more of this….

Now, lets have a look at whats happened in the last couple of weeks! this commission was gifted, so now I can share with you…..


I loved doing this, I have painted for this client before and she always supplies such amazing photos! this is her friends dog sitting in his going out chair!

My competition winners were announced, the over 10 winners mum ordered her a Battenburg unicorn, so with the under 10 and the runner up prizes this made a lovely queue for the post office!


Now, Andreja who won the under 10s prize chose the colours for her blue maned unicorn and that, together with some input from Mr Darcey Sleeps inspired this…


A mercorn! This design is well on its way, so you will have a finished picture soon.

I shall be spending the next couple of weeks on a mountain of gingerbread men, oh, and i’m just going to leave this here……


Confused? all will become clear! lol!

See you in a couple of weeks- with a video!!

UPDATE: I have added a couple of pages, by the time you come back in a couple of weeks they will be up and running!
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Everything Coming up Roses!

Bonjour tout le monde! Now you all know that I am a bag fanatic, I have so many because people are always making lovely new ones! I am equally addicted to shopping bags, I have this Ted Baker one…….

Made with Repix (

I have this tribute bag from the Alexander Mcqueen one from the V & A exhibition ……



When I saw these bags from italian brand Kartell, I nearly fainted …….


How gorgeous is that? but the price tag is also a bit swoon making….£254!

So with my thinking cap on I popped to the retro brand Sunjellies and bought this gorgeous number……..


Just £17! I then sat down with my trusty Sizzix machine and cut some flower shapes……

Made with Repix (

You can also cut these shapes or similar by hand, just google “felt flower pattern”. I wasn’t keen on the black ones so I ended up with these………


Before I got any further I received my inspiration box from Katie at Felted Fancies supplies, behold its loveliness……..

Made with Repix (

Inside there was also some felt flowers and of course much nicer than mine so I glued my pink ones and Katie’s flowers straight onto the bag using my hot glue gun….

Made with Repix (

I also made some Chrysanthemum ones by folding a strip of felt in half, then cutting vertically every half centimetre almost to the bottom, roll up this strip and you have a flower! after much gluing this is the result……..

Made with Repix (

Cute enough but it think it needs something else? my super talented daughter suggested more flowers gradually getting less as we move up the bag. I will be thinking about this alongside some new product development next week and i’ll hopefully post the updated picture next week.

In the meantime, here’s your links:




Merry Christmas! Have A Piece Of cake!

I have had this happy blog post ready to roll since the beginning of the week and yet again the saddest of events has happened in the meantime, yet again I’m extending sympathy, this time to the people of Germany. I’m so sorry that there is nothing more to say than I wish this would stop 🙁 

Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!, Froliche Weinachten!,Buon Natale! and in my best year 9 latin Felicim Natalem Christi! Apologies if I’ve missed your country, my aged brain can only cope with so many languages!

Now in the past the Christmas Eve post has contained no more than a pretty picture and some good wishes, but this year I have not exactly a tutorial, more of a pattern review, any way lots of pictures! do you remember me showing you this book?…..

Made with Repix (

Its a great book with loads of actually quite useful patterns, but not the pattern I needed which was a sewing machine cover! so I adapted the pattern for a stand mixer…..strawberry_small2

I had none of the above colours, so mine looks bit more like raspberry cheesecake! I measured the length, width and height of the sewing machine and made this……….


Then a row of scallops round the top edge to look like icing……….

I then crocheted a panel for the top…………

I joined the top to the sides with some surface crochet to hopefully look like piped cream…..

I made a fruit for the top, its a bit of a strawberry/raspberry hybrid, plus some slices and a bit of “piped cream”…….

And it turned out like this (shamelessly festive photo alert!) ………

I’m so happy with it!

All that remains is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!





I Get Pierced And The President Turns Orange!

Hello my little mince pies! This has been a bit of a week! First I got my ear pierced! Read on for the details, then my consultant has changed my diagnosis again, so I won’t be getting the treatment I thought, just medication for symptoms, and then what had started as a joke became a reality…President elect Donald Trump! This will be an interesting 4 years!

So what do we need in a time of uncertainty? People we can rely on! Here are some companies that are just great at giving you exactly what you need. Sorry for the stock photos, it’s all arthritis fault, keep reading and you will be rewarded ;).

First that piercing…..


This was done for me at ……….

Swift, reasonably priced and completely professional I will be going back!

Just down the road is this………

This is Cass Art, simply the best art supplies shop there is, regular promotions make them budget friendly and the range of materials run from half term supplies to the high grade professional.

Now to my online go getters ……….

This German retailer blows all its competitors out of the water! I’ve just bought Dr Hauschka moisturiser ( which retails for £29.50)and a relaxing bath set (£17) for £32 including delivery! And don’t worry if your German isn’t great just hit the Uk flag and the page will translate and display the prices in sterling.

At this time of year I get through a lot of felt, my go to for super quality felt and embellishments is…..

Swift delivery, beautiful felt and a sweetie in every pack makes this company a winner.

Finally, one of the many yarn suppliers I use……

Apart from their so cute logo, this company is so competitive on price and has a lot of hard to find yarns.

And here is your gift for putting up with the stock photos, my ‘poo crew hitting the skate park hard!


How sweet are they? Now I’ve finally loaded video successfully I will be doing some watch me work videos and some DIYS in the New Year.

Here’s to a peaceful week



I’m Being Perfectly Unoriginal!

Good Morning my darlings! Do you remember the backpack that I have  been inching towards completion? It was very influenced by the lovely Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily bag……img_3866

Well it seems like I’m not the only one that thought it was lovely, here is a Fendi bag and one from Simply Be………

It took me a long time to realise that designers don’t walk around with their brains stuffed with completely original ideas, that all design is influenced by what has come before, so without further ado, here is the finished backpack…….

Well…not exactly,because I was so pleased with how it was shaping up I searched for actual proper straps, d rings and a way to attach the d rings….

Can you spot the missing component? yup no d rings they are winging their way to me! and I have decided on some icord rather then ribbon that gathered the original…..

I have got another bag on the go ( I decided that I need to practice bag making before starting on my own designs ) I will share it with you soon but next weeks post will be all about my trip to the valley of the nerds-i’m off to Comic Con!

In the meantime who wants a link?

The yarn is Billie Jean from

The straps and D rings came from

The flowers are from my stash of felt and other fabrics but great stuff is available at and


Kisses Karen




A Tale Of Two ‘Poos, Paint And Too Many Cables!

* As I finished editing this post the shooting started in Germany, I have written posts sympathising with various countries whose citizens have been brutally murdered, I have posted Je Suis Parisienne and everyone that followed. I’m not going to post about these events anymore, it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because my heart is breaking because it doesn’t make any difference. I want you to know that I love you, whatever your nationality and wherever you live, and that I cry with you when these events happen. This blog will be where we escape, where we laugh and gaze at pretty things, but most of all a place of love.*

Good morning to you fair reader! well what a week at WDS HQ! We have been decorating our tired and faded lounge. As you can imagine when I decorate I can spend 6 hours choosing a the right shade of beige! To try and shorten the process I downloaded an amazing app by the paint makers Valspar. This app allows you to take a picture of an item and it will choose a range of colours that match it! So I took a picture of the birds on this gorgeous cushion ( bought for me by my lovely sister in law) ………

After running the two birds through the app, I got these two colour palettes……

I eventually chose a slighter bluer of the above palette and the top right colour of the faded in time palette, both colours were Dulux rather than Valspar.

Work commenced with a tidy up of the cables that were behind the TV unit, worryingly there were this many with no purpose……

The dogs helped, Milo thought if he got on a ladder he might be tall enough to paint…..

Darcey didn’t let the position of her bed put her off…..

We painted and sanded and glossed, and finally I could hang these pictures that hubby and daughter scored from the charity shop……

The warm apricot white also makes a lovely backdrop for this Alexander McQueen sketch……..

Can you see the whole room? Not yet, the curtains need changing as well as a new rug etc and with my ability to agonise over the correct shades that might take a while! And what appeared in my Facebook feed the day after we started painting? This “must have” palette for summer from Elle Decor………

Hey ho, seems I’m not so original!

Please take care of yourselves, you mean so much to me xxxx



The Well Laid Plans Of Mice And Men……

Hello loves, well I had a cast iron plan for this weeks post, I was going to show you my Dolce and Gabbana inspired backpack complete with handmade little flowers, but this week didn’t go according to plan…….it started for me with great excitement, out of nowhere I got asked to write for a new blogging community website! is gathering together a community of bloggers who write on a wide range of subjects and they want me to join their lifestyle section! To say I’m pleased is an understatement!

Then the news of the Orlando shooting came ( I am writing a separate blog about this), I went to hospital for a bit ( nothing to worry about, just medication related issues) and then the MP Jo Cox was murdered, so I’ve spent the time I should have been creating basically pondering what the hell is going on in the world.

Anyway, here is what progress has been made so far, first I started with this pattern………

Made with Repix (

It’s from Simply Crochet and it really is fantastic, simple and quick to make. However to make it a bit more D and G it needed bling and lots of it, the originals have a mix of small flowers and gems, so I started to gather sparkly bits, first this gorgeous brooch bought for £3 at a boot fair…..


Then some glitter and faux leather for the flowers and of course a flower template………………

Made with Repix (

For the little flowers I cut some rose gold faux leather and a similar shade of glitter, I sewed them together with a smokey grey crystal at the centre. I have only managed to complete one and only the base of the backpack but I have set out a few to give you an idea ……………….

Made with Repix (

Obviously on the finished bag this ornamentation will go on the flap and then I will have to make a decision about straps and fastenings.

So, from now on my regular Saturday blog will be repeated over at and I will be writing another piece in the middle of the week exclusively for them.

Let’s hope that this week brings less hate and more love, less intolerance and more acceptance, take care of yourselves,



To Hack Or Not To Hack ?

Hello my darlings! well I’m off the steroids and will be starting my medication this Friday so we are nearly returned to normal service! In the past when I have been this ill I would be in front of the telly and not moving, but thats not how we roll anymore, so I’ve spent this week doing some up cycling with clever little hacks (all gathered from my VAST collection of crafting magazines).

I have had a total thing for these parkas for some time….


Believe it or not the originals retail for £3,500! I knew I didn’t want fur lining, trust me that this body needs no more padding 😉 but I did really like the coloured fur on the hood, so I dug out an issue of Simply Crochet and unpicked the original fur, which was handily on a zip…..

I then followed that pattern using King Cole Luxe Fur………

Made with Repix (

And reinserted the folded over fur into the zip, read to the end of this post for the big reveal!

Of course you then start looking through other back issues and there was a lovely quick fix for a denim jacket, I first dyed my acid wash jacket a powder pink…

Made with Repix (

This turned it a lovely mix of pink and pale blue, then for the little bit of glitz……

Made with Repix (

Then it got sewn to the back and….you have to wait until the end!

I was really ready to upcycle anything that didn’t move by this point! I started to think that my plain black satin bomber jacket could do with something glittery, I popped online to and bought these……….

Made with Repix (

But I didn’t… they were a little too sparkly and actually too small.

So who’s ready for the big reveal? how this for arty styling….

Made with Repix (
Made with Repix (

So a week on steroids certainly saw me get some stuff done including these…….

Made with Repix (

Possibly the worlds most impractical baby socks ever but damn! they are cute.

These last few months have been a little tricky in terms of getting stuff done and it prompted some thought of what we can achieve at WDS HQ, let me just give you something to think about- I’ve bought a book on handbag design……….

Have a luscious week






Hair For Every Princess!

Morning all! I have been a busy bee this week helping out the most wonderful charity,Cancer Hair Care provides a range of uplifting services for adults and children undergoing cancer treatment. The charity was started by a hairdresser- Jasmin Julia Gupta who felt that the trauma of hair loss was something that she could help with. Her charity provides wigs, customised hats for children and teenagers, image counselling, even school uniform designs. Their latest project is customising the soft caps the children wear with yarn wigs…..

Made with Repix (

I thought that a soft band would be a good idea as I  didn’t want to use any fastenings that would irritate. So, if you are having a band you might as well have a crown, am I right?

The yarn choice was going to be so important, I thought cotton would be best, hospitals are so hot usually and side effects can make you hotter still, so this machine washable cotton in …ahem…chilly colours looked perfect….

Made with Repix ( made a band with two rows of double crochet, a row of trebles and finished with another row of double crochet, the tiara effect was achieved with three repeats of the aptly named crown picot stitch…..

Made with Repix (

You will see a lot of freezer bags as we go on as I have to keep the work as clean as possible to protect the vulnerable wearers.

Now I needed a lot of hair, so I cut a lot of lengths, that once attached would make two princess plaits……

Made with Repix (

Once the hair was attached and plaited, it looked like this (with a clean pillowcase for protection)……….

Made with Repix (

I will be posting it off this week, I’m hoping that I can include some Frozen bobbles but will check with the charity first and then I will turn my attention to the second hat and see what other royal hair do’s I can think of!

It could have been quite a sad project to work on but it really has given me a lift, the thought that this might make a poorly poppet smile has really helped me get my own health problems in perspective. It also has helped me live up to my promise of carrying a bit of goodness in my heart.

If you have any tips or ideas for this project please get in touch or if you fancy having a go yourself pop over to their website






It’s A Small World!

Bonjour my darlings, are you on Pinterest? I absolutely love to see what the world is up to craft wise and my latest obsession are these mini worlds in a teacup, look……….


This set the old creative clogs whirring and with Mothers Day in the UK fast approaching, I thought I would have a crack at this idea with a twist that it had to be pincushion for my sewing goddess of a mum. I also documented the process so that if you feel the urge you can make one too!

So, you are going to need…….

Made with Repix (

a teacup or sugar bowl,some green felt and some embroidery thread.

First, I cut a circle of felt much bigger than my bowl, I used a side plate………

Made with Repix (

I ran a gathering stitch round the edge to make it into a puff shape, I pulled it until it sat nicely in my sugar bowl.

Then I embroidered a garden path and  a pond……….

Made with Repix (

The path I did in satin stitch, the flowers are french knots and the pond was chain stitch to try and make the surface look like it was moving.

Next you need to stuff your garden………

Made with Repix (

Play around with the stuffing so that it curves nicely out of your cup like a little hill.

At this point I got a little ahead of myself and decided to needle felt a little toadstool house, me and needle felting don’t exactly get along so I suggest if you want to do this have a look at YouTube or online tutorial, if you are still feeling brave you are going to need these supplies…..

Made with Repix (

So off I went……..

Made with Repix (

I made a little top, and then …my needle broke! I zoomed off to the craft store and bought completely the wrong tool, so the base of my toadstool involved much snipping and reshaping with scissors, more of this later!

Now for the assembly, paint some PVA glue inside your cup and sit your garden inside, glue your toadstool onto the garden (mine was not felted enough to glue successfully so its pinned!)

Et voila!..

Made with Repix (
Made with Repix (

I ordered some flower headed pins from Ebay and “planted” them in the garden.

I am really happy with the result as this was something where the design went straight from head to hand, hope some of you give it a go and I would love to see the results!

Have a great week