It’s Not Easy Being A Robot!

Hola! I thought I would give this mornings greeting an Olympic feel! Do you remember I was off to a comic con a couple of weeks ago? Well it didn’t quite go according to plan.. I now know that I was sickening for this bout of bronchitis and didn’t feel up to it so I sent darling daughter with her dad, they had a whale of a time and here is what they saw……

The London Film and Comic Con was held in Olympia, our roving reporters went on opening day which you can see was fairly quiet.

As they entered they found my new car……

Isn’t it beautiful? And that number plate means it’s road legal- just right for the super market!

One of the exhibits I really wanted to see was this….

The actual Harley Quinn costume from the movie Suicide Squad.

Husband then made himself part of the action….

And once he started he couldn’t stop….

It was at this point that he was genuinely mistaken for George Lucas the director! I can kind of see it, if I squint!

A big part of Comic Cons is cosplay (or dressing up to you and me), and this was taken to the next level with a cosplay dating game, hosted by Batman of course………

There was a Harley Quinn of course……..

And this chap………

He made an attempt on the stairs to the stage …and fell backwards! He was saved by some mere mortals and manhandled to the stage.

Finally, another bat mobile…..

This one not quite as shiney as the other and more appropriate for off roading I think?

And now…drum roll please….I have a giveaway! In my very first post on this blog I shared with you my experience of what used to be called a nervous breakdown, in that post I told you about my bag that says ” I’ve lost the key to my imagination and can’t start my unicorn” it really summed up how I felt at the time.

Well, now that I have had my unicorn back for a while I thought you could name her for me!


to help you out as you can see from the picture she is sassy, wears a little too much make up and loves everybody – sound like anyone you know? so to win this embroidery comment with your choice of unicorn name here on the blog or on our Facebook or Instagram pages, closing date is 28.8.16.

Good luck and have a magical week!



My Little Piece Of Heaven!

Morning  (cough) dear (cough) reader (cough)! I have the worst chest infection in the world….ever, if you have had a bad chest infection this is it’s daddy! I was going to do a post on the comic con last week but thats going to have to wait as I haven’t edited the pics!

Anyhow shall we press on?  I am sure by now that you have realised I LURVE what I do! In fact I love it so much that it still doesn’t feel quite real, so in an effort to be more grown up and grounded in my profession I’ve got a workspace! Who wants to see? Of course you do, but that would be one heck of a short post so here’s your tour……

I have a lot of Harley Quinn and super hero stuff, I’m gradually been brought to the dark side by my husband.

And there’s ……

Lots of Alice stuff, the whole room will be all Alice eventually, this card is a promo for a musical and I like the slightly sinister feel of this rabbit, and will be using this for inspiration.

To try and ground me and help me focus ……..

The Rose Quartz and amethyst is meant to clear my energies, I don’t know if it works but they are so pretty.

For when I feel scared or lacking confidence…….

This quote from the Divergent books and film makes me feel kick ass!

There is combined cakes and Batgirl……..

Those felt macarons enable me to use the beautiful dish my mother in law gave me.

There is this inherited from my darling daughter………

I think I might start taking a few instant pictures when I’m out and about hunting for inspiration.

Finally, there are these………

Because this is my business and here are the cards to prove it!

And Finally!

There it is in all its glory, including a mannequin for when I can’t remember which way the elbow bends! And a twiggy tree full of bluebirds, my folder of to do lists. When I go to back to work on Monday this little slice of heaven will be my blogging space ( I didn’t put the laptop in, it’s Apple but it still ain’t pretty) and two years in I will say with confidence  I am a blogger and an artist and this is where I work.



We Are All (Alice) Mad Here!

Hello my darlings, I have a confession to make, I have never read Alice in Wonderland! I know, shocking stuff! I quite liked the Disney version as a child but I didn’t become a true fan until the Tim Burton film.

Now my life is full of Alice bits and bobs, I started with this book……

It is stuffed to the brim with achievable makes, these Cheshire cat sandwich toppers take an Alice themed party to a truly stripey level………

Of course when I turned 50, a couple of years ago (ouch!) I had a themed party, the centre piece of which was this sleepy dormouse teapot cosy…….

There are a number of patterns available on Ravelry, if you are not a member, go now and join its an incredible resource for the knitting or crochet fan.

Dormice led to flamingos….

How bonkers is that print? this bag hangs in my dining room which is slowly turning into an Alice palace!

Now of course we have a second film Alice Through The Looking Glass, this has brought another lot of products onto the market, on one of my trips to the comic store (yes, my husbands conversion of me into a  comic nerd continues) I bought this……..

I know! a paper doll book! its about 45 years since I last did one of these, I am debating what to do with these..they might form a picture with the background painted by yours truly, they might get stuck on furniture or even hung from somewhere, I will keep you posted.

While we are on the subject of comics, look what I got for Mothers Day……

This is a fascinating book that details how Alice has lived through the medium over 70 plus years!

Finally, I have not really been a fan of the whole colouring craze (strange for an artist who colours for a living!) I had a false start with a Liberty print book which was waaaayyyy too fiddly, but I leapt at this Alice themed one, part of a large selection on Amazon……

So I have decided that the dining room will now be fully bonkers and have purchased some flamingo print wallpaper! I will let you see it when the whole room is finished.

In the meantime off you pop and paint some roses!