Did I Blink And Miss January?

Hello kittens! And we are off to a flying start at WDS HQ! And we kicked off with a brand new design for a Friends obsessed munchkin..

He’s her lobster ❤️

I also made a where’s Wally or Waldo but I cannot find a picture? Which seems appropriate lol!

I then started a big order from one of my lovely returning customers, the first one is a larger version of the very popular sleeping unicorn …

We used all the pinks!!!!

And then to something a little sad, this little criceratops is for a a newborn whose mamma was taken from him way too soon. I personalised him with a rose that was her favourite flower and entwined their initials on the other side. I hope that he will get comfort from this in the years to come.

I made a bunny in a different style, designed by a very talented little girl….

Look at the cheeky thing in my lettuce bowl

I’ve also done something way outside my comfort zone and submitted this painting to Grayson Perry’s art club , this is my piece …

This is called Madness

Why have I called the piece madness? Because these woods have been a way of controlling my panic disorder, because they smell sooo good during bluebell seasons, the dogs and I become intoxicated and when I couldn’t see the bluebells during the first lockdown I was heartbroken!

And while we are on the subject of the woods, I took this picture on one of the coldest days recently -look at the frozen pond!

Such a cold morning

Finally, I am so happy to have a portrait commission that has turned into two this morning,! Here’s a progress pic….

This is handsome Freddie

Just to say I am closed until the 15th of March, in order to finish some orders and to get some Easter stock into my shop! There is one lonely bunny in there if you want to pay him a visit http://www.folksy.com/shops/whiledarceysleeps

The last thing I want to tell you is I have been vaccinated! I’m so very grateful for the way the NHS a has taken care of me and my family during this pandemic – I have no words for how much that little injection means to me.

Stay safe and I’ll see you soon



The One With The Disco Budgies!

Morning cupcakes! do you remember Friends? I loved the way their episodes were titled “the one with”, well if this week was an episode of Friends this would be the one with the disco budgies! let me explain….

Ive just joined a support group for people with Hypermobility syndrome, through this I’ve met a lovely girl called Lucy and long story short I am doing a picture of her birds as practice for me. I sorted out my palette of Inktense pencils (the ones I use for all my pictures) and this happened………..

Neon yellow discotastic budgies! aaarrrgggghhh! there was nothing else to do but start again, but by this time I had “used up” my painting arms and needed to do something else, so instead of continuing with my House Of Cards marathon I thought about what I could do instead that would still benefit my business.

First up, the felt box, look what a state its in post Christmas rush……..

Oh the horror! so I took at patterns and put them in a file, piled up the felt neatly and took out the cottons, ribbons and buttons and stashed them away.

This had got me in a grown up, sort stuff out sort of mood, so then I planned out the next three months work in detail on my Mayi Carles Planners…..

I also put down some ideas for the rest of the year!

Finally I ordered shade cards from my usual felt supplier Felted fancies Supplies…….

This year things I make will be EXACTLY the right colour.

All this effort made me think of my friend Nik’s New years resolution, she said that she was just going to do the same stuff but maybe a little better. Thats exactly what I’m going to do, just give each day that extra 5 or 10% and keep my business at the front of my mind the whole time.

Have a super week



PS here are your links:       http://www.feltedfanciessupplies.co.uk

http://www.heartmadeblog.com (for your business planners)






Love You Millions

So, here we are, one day to go to my first proper craft show and 2 weeks to my first ever art show! It has put me in a reflective mood about the journey I took to get here. Truth be told, I did not travel alone and because   I will never make an Oscar acceptance speech, I wanted to say this:

I want to thank my therapist, seriously if it wasn’t for Daphne Beaton there would not be any of this, she’ll argue with you but take it from me she’s a genius!

I want to thank my family, particularly my mum and sister who encouraged ( some might say pushed) me to pick up a brush again.

Sammy the hairdresser for encouraging me out from behind my hair.

I want to thank the girls that like and comment on here and on Facebook, particularly Amanda Pirrett of Perfectly Handmade Pampering and Michelle of Shell’s Colouring, Cards and Craft.

I want to thank Jules for her tea and cake and support and encouragement and for laughing with me all the way round our woods.

To Nikki Nicholls for being the one who said I should do this, it’s only taken me 11 years to take your advice!

And Julia from Maximus, quiet, patient, supportive and a glamour icon!

Leeza, for asking me how I am , whilst being so ill yourself, and Grace- you sparkly fairy.

To my darling Darcey, for giving me the confidence to talk again.

Carys, I know you are going to hate this but you really are my star, you pushed for this, you keep me looking the right side of middle aged and you are as funny, beautiful and clever as you can be.

My husband Neil for consistently being here, as the comedian Ray Romano said ” you go to sleep, they are there, you wake up, they are there, it sounds like a bad thing but it really isn’t ” and it really isn’t, it is what keeps you on your feet and able to be the person you want to be.

Finally, here’s to you dear reader, for showing up, for following, for commenting and liking, every time you do you send a bunch of love to my heart, so I’m sending you these…..


So, whatever success comes my way over this next couple of weeks, it is in part yours too,




p.s there’s a tutorial coming your way!