And Just Like That…..It Was Christmas!

Crikey that has been a year! But no musings from me just yet, let’s just enjoy the last few makes and some fun pics 😊

These reindeer were the last things out the door…..

I think they look so cute walking along 😉

I had a couple of surprise orders for shark ornaments!

I think it came out really well!

I’ve also been beavering away on an epic scarf for my daughter, using West Yorkshire Spinners yarn and a pattern by Zandra Rhodes…

She couldn’t be persuaded to model, so here’s Mr WDS!

I liked it so much I made myself some gloves from the same book…

That signature pink is very Zandra!

I’ve been busy decorating the house, even the bathrooms get their own…

And of course Buddha gets his own tree!

I think he looks pleased with Douglas Firbank!

All that remains is to wish you a very happy Christmas- it may not be the one you wanted or planned for but joy can be found if you look hard enough.

Stay well and I’ll see you on January 1st!

I may have used a filter 😂


Karen xxx

I’m So Sorry….

Hello loves, why am I sorry? well I wanted to try and resist the temptation to have my say on the inauguration of President Trump but I can’t, so if this is going to spoil your Saturday morning coffee, log off now, as always there will be no hard feelings xx

Always, as I start to write my mind begins to focus on the subject but this one brought up so many questions that I have written this post in the form of an interview. I did this so that I could try and avoid being sensationalist and prejudicial to the man who is now President.

Why does it matter so much to you? it shouldn’t , I’m British and he is not my President in any sense of the word. However that’s not how life works is it? he is effectively the leader of the free world and influences pretty much every country on trade, security and international relations. I want to have faith in the person who does that and I’m not sure I do.

Its because he is too close to Russia isn’t it? No, in fact I think a closer relationship with Russia would be great as long as its an equal partnership based on trust and not threat.

So, whats my problem? if I was an American I am pretty sure that I would be a Democrat, that party has values most closely aligned to mine, but my problem isn’t that Mr Trump is a Republican. Its more to do with him being someone who seems to lack control, to be able to speak with reason and caution in equal measure, to not make remarks about women or Mexicans or Muslims that make me physically flinch.

So he’s a loud mouth, so what? this is where I was able to narrow it down to one single, seemingly trivial thing- I don’t want him to take to Twitter every time something bothers him and I don’t want those tweets to be as uncontrolled and inflammatory as they are.

What have you got against Twitter? the answer is nothing and Mr Trump is free to tweet as the outgoing President did but when he does he must remember that everyone is reading them not just his supporters, not just Americans , EVERYONE.

So, what do you want? I want his administration to be as successful as possible, I want him to bring manufacturing back to the USA as that would be good for everyone.I want him to listen to advice and become a great President ,I really do.

Now what? Well…..Im going to hope for the best, but I also wore this hat today…….

Made with Repix (

Nice hat right? pink with cat ears, knitted in Wool and the Gang’s Crazy Sexy Wool,right up my alley …….except this is a hat with a message.

The pattern comes from the Pussy Hat Project, a group of women ( around a 100,000) that are going to march in Washington wearing these hats.

Whats the point? pop over to to read their full explanation, but basically its a celebration of womens strength , our ability to create, our ability to organise,to reclaim pink as the colour of strength and to send a visual message to the new President that women are watching and expect him to treat them with respect.

Normal service will resume next week but you know what? I might still be wearing that  hat!










I’m Excited!!

Happy New Year, Bonne Annee, Buon Ano Nuevo, Frohes Neues Jahr, and last but not least Anni Beatum! can you tell which way I voted in June? anyway I’m a bit early, the New Year will start tomorrow and this girl is excited.

Why? because 2016 was kind of pants for the most part, various family members have been ill as I have I,  more times than I care to mention! Also for me personally the big decisions that were made went the wrong way, what had seemed inconcievable – a UK no longer in Europe and that man as President became a reality, lets hope that the people at the sharp end can make all that work. Lets not even list the massively talented, clever and influential people that passed this year…

In the midst of all this craziness, good things happened, all the family members are better or well on their way and lots of good things happened to While Darcey Sleeps, and I made some changes……….

I got my piercing!!!

I have also taken time out over the holidays to do some personal projects, for the first time   I have successfully knitted some lace…….

And a very easy hat…….

And now I’m knitting a flamingo…….

Professionally there will be some changes in the New Year, I will still be making cute but in an effort to differentiate from all the other talented people there will be more of a luxe edge, more sparkle, more glitter and maybe less traditional subject matter!

There will be lots of painting, and lots of practicing, my business took off very quickly and didn’t leave a lot of time to try new things, so that will be a priority.

There will be a few more giveaways so keep your eyes peeled, the first one is SOON!!

All that is left is to wish you the very happiest of New years and thanks for being a visitor to While Darcey Sleeps!

Made with Repix (
Our CEO Darcey and Head Of Public Relations Milo 


Karen xxx

12 Days Of Crafting Fa la la !

Good Morning Darcey’s Angels! These last couple of weeks of November are a funny old time at WDS HQ, what begins as the most joyful of months with serious crafting for Christmas well underway, by the last week things are getting a bit ” if I see another sprig of holly I’m going postal”. 

At this point I have two commissions to finish and by next weekend all Christmas crafting will be done, I will breathe a sigh of relief and turn my attention to what I am going to do in the 2 weeks I’m going to take off, and of course the answer is crafting! Here are the projects I would like to get done:

First the gloves to match the scarf I made a while ago……

This Louisa Harding pattern from Knits From An English Rose is so pretty …and so difficult! It features lace and cables but is totally worth it knitted in Louisa’s Amitola yarn.

New scarf and gloves requires a new hat……

This from an ages old Rowan book all patterns are knitted in their Big Wool, I’ve got a  lovely caramel ball winging its way to me.

I’ve been dying to do this from Mollie Makes…….

I won’t be building my own loom ( the magazine  contains full instructions) I will be using one from my childhood that has hidden away for years!

I hope to get round to using these waterproof fabrics…..

I think I will make some make up bags with them.

Finally I have decided to pick up jewellery making again and I will be polishing my techniques with the aid of this book….

I really want to make these…….

Obviously I will show you what gets made in the New Year!

Have a super week



Focus And Fun!

Hi kitty cats, so here we are in 2016! I have spent the last two weeks eating my body weight in chocolate and also planning a slightly new direction for While Darcey Sleeps. You will know that the last few weeks have been tricky health wise and its clear that lots of sewing will not be possible for me 🙁 but I will be expanding my artwork to include prints and cards, and I will be opening a shop online! this also means that I will be able to so some crafting for me! Yay! so come have a look whats on my project list.

First, I got out my Louisa Harding Alice in Wonderland book and decided to make this hat………

Made with Repix (

The yarn needed has been discontinued, so I went on and found this yarn which I bought from as it is so much cheaper than in the UK!

A super hat requires some gorgeous gloves and this months Mollie Makes has a cracker of a pattern……….

Made with Repix (

I changed the colour (I’m trying to be less pink obsessed!) and I’m so pleased with how easy the pattern is, knitted straight with minimal colour changes I should have these done before summer!

Finally, as i had no time for making christmas decorations for me last year, I’m getting ahead of the game and making this super cute tree topper from Mollie Makes…..

Made with Repix (

That little lot will keep me busy for a bit! I hope next week I will be able to share with you my new business card design and an online shop! the only fly in the ointment may be me starting some heavy duty medication tomorrow, but I will be here even if its just a picture of me looking nauseous!





Creative Family established 1890

Hello loves, it’s fair to say the last 10 years or so have seen an explosion of craft and traditional hobbies, and we love it, we are glued to the bake off and to anything that Kirstie Allsop produces as we try and recapture some of the traditions of the past.

I am sure that there are thousands of families that are quietly handing down traditions of their own, without the benefit of a television crew, this is what happened in my family’s crafting history. First up my great grandmother, Harriet Louisa Scoffins……


Harriet’s talent was cooking, making jam and lemon cheese ( a sinfully indulgent version of lemon curd) selling them in Lincoln market. Incredibly she would also make a Christmas pudding for each of her children and married grandchildren, that was approximately 35!

One of her 11 was my grandmother Barbera, she was a demon with the knitting and sewing needles, here she is in an outfit she made for herself, with my mum and uncle Mick also in handcrafted outfits……


And a slightly spooky Santa picture where mum wears hand knitted gloves and check out uncle Micks guards jumper again all her own work!


Now to the formidable talent that is my mum, every grandchild and every friends baby that has come along receives one of these shawls, intricate isn’t really enough of a description……


Then there are the quilts, one Christmas each of her three children received a quilt….


Finally, when my mum and dad used to have my daughter for two days a week, she used to set mum little challenges, this is the day when she decided she needed a dress like Disneys Belle complete with basket!…


Now did all that get passed on to me? Yes and no, I didn’t start knitting until I got medically retired, and I still cannot knit shawls to save my life, I cannot do colour work like my grandmother and we best not discuss my preserve making skills! but I did pick up that need to create and took it in different directions…


So, it really doesn’t matter whether your talent is textiles or tiling, wallpapering or weaving you do have a skill you can pass on. No kids to pass it on to? No excuse, get along to a youth club, or volunteer at your nearest school or nursery, let’s ensure that

these skills keep going, with or without Ms Allsop!



WIPs, Muffs and 50 Shades Of …Pretty!

Morning my lovelies! I did a post back in January about the plans I had for makes, so I thought it might be nice to see what happened. Ready? Follow me!

First, the little bears made from the boot fair fur…


They are called the L’adorable brothers, Vanille and Menthe and if you look really hard Vanille has a little macaron charm that I think I will put on all my bears.

Next a couple of the cards I made from the lovely kit designed by Santoro and available from the Glitter Pot…..


I think they are so pretty, and great for teen girls as well as grown ups.

I made these little tattoo hearts from a themed box from Felted Fancies Supplies ( they have a shop on Facebook).


And staying with felt, this little flapper girl is my own design, as is the little brooch.


Last felt pierces I promise! These eggs are made from a pattern by the hugely talented Sew Sweet, find her range of gorgeous patterns on Facebook and at

imageThis was my attempt at the needlefelted dog from my Japanese book…
imageNot bad as the instructions are all in Japanese but definitely need to practice this skill!

Last week I had the opportunity to knit a piece for Wool and The Gang who are a very trend aware company selling their own brand yarns and patterns. Unfortunately my tension was off so it won’t be going on the website, but I get to keep it! I am just embroidering on the deconstructed leopard print and I will be all set for next winter…


And finally, I have decided that for next winter I need a muff, No sniggering in the back row please! it seems to me that it will solve the dog walking dilemma of having to remove gloves to pick up poo, dropping glove in said poo.. you get the picture! si I am making one from this book…….


The talented Stephanie Dosen writes the most magical blog on wordpress called Tiny Owl Knits, here’s the violet covered muff that I will be attempting….


And of course I will be painting, I have just finished a portrait of my brother’s children which I completely failed to take a picture of!

So, whats going on at your craft table/tray?lap? id love to see what you have going on!