A Tiny Japanese Lesson, Bargains And Themes – They -Are A -Changing!

Its October! woohoo! its nearly my birthday!! I shall be 54 which actually seems quite old- good job I am still around 8 in my head! I have been super busy since we last spoke, with all of this!

So, lets kick off with our Japanese lesson! We are huge fans of Japanese culture in our house, we love sushi,cherry blossom and hello kitty! its this fascination thats helped me find my style- lets look at the words you will see if you follow me on Instagram!


Amigurumi (編みぐるみ, lit. crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. The word is a portmanteau of the Japanese words ami, meaningcrocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.

So you can see everything I make is an amigurumi, but theres another two aspects to my designs, first kawaii which means as an adjective….

Kawaii (in the context of Japanese popular culture) cute.
“she paints elephants that are extremely kawaii”
and as a noun,the quality of being cute, or items that are cute.
“even in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo, kawaii is everywhere”
So cute like these……..
Finally there is the Chibi element, Chibi can be seen as an insult if you say it to a person as it mean short, very little etc. However, in the world of Japanese comics Chibi means drawing a person or animal shorter then normal, with an oversized head and shortened limbs, to appear more child or baby like…..
Roll all three together and you get these….
Cute little critters!!!
Now onto some of the other changes that have happened at WDS towers! First off and in the interests of full disclosure, I am now linked to two affiliate schemes- what does that mean?
Well, if you scroll right to the bottom of your page you will see a link to buy a Mollie Makes subscription and a link to a fantastic paper craft shop called Craft Stash. These links in very different ways will generate income for me if you click and purchase from them.
Now I will NEVER recommend a site that I do not believe in 100%, I have been a subscriber to Mollie Makes since it began and have frequently used their projects on this blog….

Craft Stash is an amazing paper crafting store with everything from card making, dies, stamps, to planners and journalling ( and you all know how much I love a planner). I will post a link to their special offers when I think its something you will love, and here is an offer you will definitely love!

Grab a Christmas Bargain At CraftStash! Up to 70% off dies , stamps & accessories!!

Last but not least I will be changing the appearance of the blog before I see you again to make it easier to find links and adverts and so they don’t interfere with content.

Right, I am off to finish a lovely Christmas make, off you pop and be awesome and I will see you here on the 15th!!!


Karen xx


This Week I Have Mainly Been………

Good morning dear reader, I am afraid that this week has been a bit of a washout for me, I have pleurisy! This is making the simple act of breathing demanding enough. So this weeks post is a bit sucky.. It has crap photos taken on my lap and a picture of antibiotics……..


Apart from taking those bad boys I have been painting the lovely Isis……


I have been slowly making festive tattoo hearts………


I have made a start on this lovely blanket that my mum and dad got me for my birthday……

image image

it cam from the marvellously named spitspotloves.com, they have all manner of vaguely Cath Kinston inspired goodies.

And when the wool arrives I’m going to make a few of these Liebkuchen from Mollie Makes, Liebkuchen are spiced biscuits from Germany and as my husband is half German I love to make things that refer to his heritage.


Finally, when the coughing has got too much, I have just gazed upon the loveliness that is the Laduree key ring that Neil got me for my birthday……..


Can you see it has a poodle on it? Milo is very impressed! there are all sorts of prettiness at laduree.com.

Lets all keep everything crossed and by next week I should be better and more blog capable!



Here’s The Keychain For Your Imagination Key!

Last week I offered a tutorial for the macaron key chain in last weeks post, I was delighted that the lovely Mrs P from Craftodessy really wanted one, so here we go!

First collect your supplies, you will need:

three or more colours of Fimo or similar oven bake clay

head pins ( nice long ones),

a key ring or clip on bag charm ( I tend to cannibalize old ones from free key chains or cracker prizes )

jump rings,

an Eiffel tower charm ( or go wild and make a different theme),

a small piece of narrow ribbon,

needle nose pliers,

wire cutters or old pair of scissors,

a cutter for the clay- I find piping nozzles or lipstick caps are the perfect size around 1- 1.5 cm wide,

something to roll the clay, I use a marker pen.

superglue (optional).


So first we make our macarons, warm up your clay until it feels soft enough to roll out to a thickness of 50 – 60 mm.


Then cut out two circles for the body of your macaron.


Next take you filling colour and roll out to a slightly thinner depth and cut one circle. Then pop your three circles together, now it’s time to add detail, take a pointed object and make little dots around the edge. Round the top and bottom of your macaron for that slightly domed shape.


You may want to customise your colour, I wanted a paler pink which wasn’t available in the shop, just take a small ball of the darker colour and a medium size ball of the lighter colour and squish! Squish until the colour becomes even, adding light or dark to customise as you go.


When all three are done carefully insert the head pin up through the middle of all three and out the top. Following the packet instructions,  its into the oven and as they say on the Bake Off: BAKE! Allow to cool. You may want to put a small blog of super glue on the bottom macaron where the head pin goes in.

Now we have to make a loop from the head pin so that we can attach the key ring and other charms. First make a right angle close to your macarons ( I couldn’t do this because I broke the head pin, Doh!)


Next cut off the excess to about 1 cm


Now we need to make that 1cm part into a loop, grab the end of the wire with your pliers and turn it over on itself.


Keep turning towards the bend until your loop is formed.


Now attach the macarons and charms to the key ring with jump rings, these are opened by holding either side with two sets of pliers, or if you are me your finger and one set of pliers and twist one side forward and one back.


Once all your charms and your macarons are attached to the key ring, you can tie a small bow to finish. Et voila! You made the key ring for your imagination key!


Now go start your unicorn!

Let me know if there is any other tutorials you would like, so long as it’s not car maintenance or marathon training I’m your girl!