The One In Which Harry Left And Meghan Got Tested!

Hello Darceyettes! It certainly has been a busy month at WDS HQ! the Unicorn Bakery unicorns were very well received and the two that were all ready made were sold on the night and I got orders for two more – for me with my limited capabilities that constitutes a sell out! you have seen Victoria sponge and Baroness Bertha Von Battenburg but here is Harry……..

As you can see Harry is a carrot cake unicorn, he has sparkly blue eyes and wears the colours of the Blues and Royals on his wings, as this Harry is a military unicorn! He smells beautifully of cinnamon and wears a slice of carrot cake round his neck.

This Harry has gone to live in Scotland and didn’t wait long enough to see his Meghan

( see what I did there ). So here she is ……


Meghan is a lovely sponge cake unicorn with a lemon and elderflower cream mane, have you noticed that she looks a bit different? this is because she is going to be CE tested! this means she will be certified safe for children over 3. I have had to change my design a little bit, like embroidering her signature flowers instead of making them separately.  It does however mean that she will be pushed and pulled this week – don’t worry I will spare you the pictures!

I have definitely decided to do some more polymer clay, my Pinterest boards are filled with images like this……..


I hope that gives you an idea where this is headed. Sign up for the newsletter to find out more!

I have also received a commission for a new dog portrait but I am sworn to secrecy for quite a few weeks! so, heres an oldie but goldie to prove that I can paint!


Finally I have booked a fair for November, not a Christmas fair but for our local Bonfire society, we have lots of these in Sussex the most famous being the Lewes celebrations staged by several societies. It is very popular and can get a crowd of 90 000! Here is a typical picture….


That has been my month and I have even more lovely things to do in the weeks ahead, to be honest I have the best job ever!!




Art For Arts Sake ( And Some Money!)

It is has been an exciting week at While Darcey Sleeps HQ! I have sold my first painting! Mine is a new business and I have done a few “freebies” to generate interest, a few weeks ago I decided to run a special offer on Facebook which meant that one person could get a picture for £10. This is the picture of the lovely Sprocket….


The owner loved it so much he paid me £20! But he could have paid me 50p the joy of someone liking my art so much that they will part with money is hard to explain. So, now I’m officially an artist I thought you might like to see a little of the process.

First, I receive the pictures usually via email, these poppets are my next commission …….


I use heavy weight cartridge paper and I like it to be A3 as that seems to me to be the right size for a painting. So first I sketch, I have a range of pencils …..


I don’t measure or use a grid pattern, I start with what seems like the key part of the picture, in this case it was the white dog….


Once all the drawing is done it’s time for colour, at the moment I’m using water soluble pencils….


I try try and concentrate in sections but in reality hop from place to place….


When I started this blog I did a blog writing course and one of the exercises was establishing what made your creativity flow, for me it’s having the telly on while I draw! I find it stops my brain thinking about shopping,housework,what’s for dinner you know the stuff! And the programme has to be something that holds my attention:- Homeland, Fortitude, Hostages and the Blacklist are some past and present favourites. Once my non creative mind is quiet then my creative mind can flow.

I have finished the picture but can’t show you until the birthday boy receives it!

So what gets your creativity flowing? Do you have any special processes? and any telly recommendations are gratefully received!


Karen xx

Work Starts With A Cough And A Splutter


It’s back to work at WDS HQ, it should have been last week but I have had some sort of virus that made me sound like a Marks and Spencer voiceover but made me feel like i had been runner by one of their lorries.

So here is what is on the drawing board ( or actually the dining room table!)

I will be dusting off the needle felting equipment to make something from this adorable book, I’m not sure how, but I bought it from Amazon , it’s all in Japanese, so this will be an adventure!.


I am making twin bears in this lovely swirly fur that I picked up at a boot fair, the colours make me think of peppermint creams.


I am also designing little felt projects using this wonderful box of felty goodness which I bought from Felted Fancies Supplies on Facebook  it’s vintage colour way makes me think of the twenties so I will start with this design for a little felt flapper.


On days when the creative flow is not moving, I will make some cards with this beautiful range by Santoro,         These are available from


I will be spending more time looking at Craftseller magazine, for inspiration and quick makes.


And of course painting, painting, painting, this is my latest dog finished.



So its off to work we go!